Horse Picks

by Alan Karre Jr

Here you will have the opportunity to receive free premium horse picks daily for a majority of North American tracks. We have hunted and found the finest of horse racing documented handicappers in which they have agreed to update the site will accurate and solid horse racing predictions on a daily basis. As mentioned previously we are very selective on who we have chosen to provide our horse picks since we fully believe quality selections are better than mass selections.

For each race track listed above we provide a variety of unique predictions from a variety of betting options. Some of these options include the win, place, show, bets and a variety of exacta options. Unlike other places where you may receive predictions from, we do not earn money from players losses as we believe in full transparency. Another benefit of checking back with us daily is the fact we don’t charge guest anything to access the daily horse picks.

While using these free selections I can provide you with some other basic horse tips. Try and keep an eye out for class drop downs, although it’s a good idea to wager on class drop down horses it’s also not a guaranteed thing they will produce as expected in a lower class of horses. One should always consider the reasons why the horse is possibly dropping down in class. To many factors can be included on why you should or shouldn’t when it comes to selecting drop class horses in your bets.

If there is a particular track you would like to see us add to the daily picks section simply contact us and if we can find a quality handicapper within that professional sector we will try and get them on board.

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