Trifecta Horse Wagers

by Alan Karre Jr

If you like to take risk and hope for a big return than trifecta horse betting might be for you. Trifectas are just another form of exotic betting that requires you to select the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers of a race. When your playing a trifecta bet it’s important you realize the top 3 must be in exact order of the three horses you have chosen. So if you like the #9 horse to win, the #1 horse to place, and the #3 horse to show to win on this trifecta you would need the final racing outcome to be 9-1-3.

Wagering on trifectas is one of the most played exotic types of wagers and it makes sense. Here your able to wager little and possibly when a large amount of money. Depending on the amount of horses and the wagers placed it’s not uncommon to have winners over $500 on a trifecta and some times much more. The largest trifecta ever paid out was over $5,000 on a $1 ticket which happened at the Belmont Stakes in 1972.

Just like most forms of exotic bets your able to wager with trifecta boxes. This type of wager offers you more combinations on your tickets for a much better chance to win. One major downfall to betting on trifecta boxes is the cost that comes with them. If you decided to take 6 horses in a trifecta box the total cost on a $1 ticket would be $120.00 and drastically goes up from there. Here is a table for future reference when you decide to wager on trifecta boxes.

Total Amount Of Horses Selected Cost
3 Horse Trifecta $6.00
4 Horse Trifecta $24.00
5 Horse Trifecta $60.00
6 Horse Trifecta $120.00
7 Horse Trifecta $210.00
8 Horse Trifecta $336.00
9 Horse Trifecta $504.00
10 Horse Trifecta $720.00

As you can see the cost for boxing trifectas gets very expensive and unless an underdog horse finishes 1st if you would to bet a larger amount of horses in your trifecta you will lose a majority of what you risked even if you win on a ticket.

What a majority of professional horse bettors do is what they call the trifecta part-wheel and that’s where your wagering on a couple horses your sure will probably win along with a few other race horses that have a great chance on running close to the winner. An example of a trifecta part-wheel being used in action would be 1/2-3-6/2-3-6. This would provide you with 6 unique combinations and slightly better odds on hitting the trifecta. The total cost of this part-wheel will run you $6 assuming your wagering $1 per ticket. This way of betting on trifecta is just so much better value wise than betting all the entire combinations.

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