" Superfecta Horse Wagers

Superfecta Horse Wagers

by jason

Superfecta bets are one of the hardest to win wagers in all of horse betting. To win with a superfecta bet, one must select the winning finishes on the top 4 horses. So if the #2 horse would win, #3 horse place, #9 horse show, and the #10 horse finish 4th the winning horse ticket combination is 2/3/9/10 in that exact order. The payoffs on these types of tickets are incredibly huge and usually pay over $10,000 per winning ticket.

There really is no exact science when it comes to predicting 4 horses in a row on a given day or race. What a majority of horse bettors do is simply select a few unique combinations on luck or what they think will happen. Most bettors know they have little chance on actually hitting.

One way of increasing ones odds to hit a superfecta is to buy superfecta boxes. When you buy these types of tickets your basically adding combinations to horses you think that have a chance on winning. So if you decide to take 5 way horse superfecta box your going to have 120 unique possible combinations. The cost for taking each combination at $1.00 each brings your 5 way superfecta box to a grand total of $120. These forms of boxes get expensive very quickly and even though they can pay very largely no many people can afford to bring in many horse combinations to their ticket.

Number Of Horses Per Superfecta Cost
4 horse superfecta box $24.00
5 horse superfecta box $120.00
6 horse superfecta box $360.00
7 horse superfecta box $840.00
8 horse superfecta box $1,680.00

One way to avoid this pricey incline on superfecta boxes is to avoid betting them. Some horse bettors choose to play superfecta part-wheels which lower the cost tremendously. If your going to bet on part-wheels it’s best you stick with playing a few horses you like to win the race and a few mediocre ones. These can also get quite expensive and turn into a nightmare if your wagering on these on a constant basis.

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