" Straight Horse Wagers

Straight Horse Wagers

by jason

Straight Wagers are the easiest to understand and happen to also be the most popular type of wagering available at the horse tracks. When your placing bets on straight horse wagers your wagering on the win, place, and show bets. These types of bets are the most common however keep in mind some races have smaller entry’s so on occasion it’s not uncommon for the show betting option not available during a particular race. When your placing these bets online or locally the minimum bet is usually $2 however some online sites allow you to wager less than that at $1.

The horse win wager is betting on a particular horse to get first place in the race. This happens to be the most popular type of straight wager and the win payoffs are determined on the tote board. (You check view a payout chart here in which you can also learn more on how payouts are done for each race.) While placing a wager on a horse to win the minimal amount you may win is $2.20 however on a very rare occasion a heavily bet favorite wins and must pay out more than it took in on action. There is no limit on how much you can win however so if a underdog wins the race the payouts could be very significant.

The place bet is when your wagering on a horse to finish in the top 2. The place bet pays out less than what you could win if the horse you selected wins. This type of bet however insures you a better chance on you cashing in a ticket on a close race. I tend to bet place bets on a horse that I think can upset the field usually around a 6-1 as if the horse runs well a great chance he finishes in the top 2.

The show bet is a horse wagering option that allows you to bet on your horse to win, place, or show. Since this type of ticket is considered the most conservative type of horse betting the payout ranges tend to be considerably lower than if you was wagering on a horse to win or even place. These can be risky to new or seasoned horse gamblers because you grow in a trend thinking your unstoppable. Many people wager large amounts of money on a huge favorite to show because of the feeling they cant lose. The theory behind it seems wise as it would be better than interest in a bank account but when the time comes and the horse scratches during the race or fails to get in the top 3 you lose everything. Some people call this type of gambler a bridge jumper because they literally risk everything on a huge favorite to show to win little.

I always recommend horse bettors to play the win, place, show bet options. I have noticed however a growing trend of gamblers going with exactas and other exotic wager types as they hope for a large payout. Prior to the 70’s most race track companies only offered straight wagers but just like any form of gambling things evolved in which gamblers are now allowed to wager on exotic wagers. I just prefer straight wagers as your odds of winning increase compared to the exotic bet lifestyle.

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