" Quinella Horse Wagers

Quinella Horse Wagers

by jason

A rare type of wagering you may be offered is called the quinella horse bet. This type of bet requires you to determine who is going to finish in the top 2. Unlike the exacta however you do not need to determine who is going to get 1st or 2nd which provides you the opportunity of not wagering as much on the exact order. The payouts are a little less than what a exacta box would pay however because of not needing to know the order. So if you decided to pick the #8 horse to win and the #2 horse to place if both horses finish in the top 2 it doesn’t matter which combo you win!

These can be quite interesting as they are similar to exacta boxes in which your able to bet on more than one group. Quinella boxes are playing all of the possible combinations of horses you like to finish in the top 2. You can play as many as you want up to the field number of horses. So if your interested in placing a 4 horse quinella box you would have a total of 6 horse wagers that cover all of the possible combinations for them 4 horses! Here is a great example of a quinella box in play, if you boxed #2, #4, #5, and #6 in a quinella box you would have these combinations (2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 4/5, 4/6, 5/6) for a total bet amount of $6. Keep in mind it will not matter who wins or places in each combination.

Here is a table you can use to determine the cost for each quinella box you decide to wager on if your wagering $1 per quinella.

Amount Of Horses In A Quinella Total Bet Cost
2 Horse Quinella $1.00
3 Horse Quinella $3.00
4 Horse Quinella $6.00
5 Horse Quinella $10.00
6 Horse Quinella $15.00
7 Horse Quinella $21.00
8 Horse Quinella $28.00

If you think there is a chance of a long show to get in the top 2 of a race you might want to consider betting on a quinella wheel or part-wheel. In one of these type of wheels your wagering on a particular horse to finish in the top 2 with other possible horse results on the track. Lets say you like the #8 horse the underdog of the race to finish in the top 2 to reach the best winning prize outcome you will want to root on the underdog to win or place and another horse with middle odds to run with the winner.

These are really entertaining to bet on and you will win on a bunch of these. Just try and remember the payouts on these are usually much lower than that of an exacta and can be costly long term. I recommend if your going to be betting on these types of exotic bets to wheel a horse that has medium or long shot type of horses. That is where you will receive the most bang for your buck when you win them.

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