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by jason

When horse betting sites (Racebooks) were launched it changed the entire horse racing industry. Now more horse racing tracks are able to survive in this economy because the ability to wager on horse races can be done from home or work. In this guide I’ll teach horse racing bettors how to choose an online racebook and I’ll also review the top two racebooks for Americans.

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Horse Betting Sites Features

Most bettors have no idea of the features available with online racebooks. You no longer need to worry about traveling to horse tracks to wager and the number of horse tracks you can bet on is extremely expansive with online racebooks. There are a lot of features that make betting with an online racebook very similar to betting at the tracks, which we’ll explain to everyone.

  • Track Selection: One of the biggest features of betting with an online racebook is the ability to bet on 100’s of tracks around the world. You can wager on horse races in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Make sure you read over the track rules if you’re betting into their pools because they differ by country.
  • Access to Betting Pools: Handicappers get to wager into real-time betting pools at each track using racebooks. You can bet into the big pools including the Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 6 pools that tracks run daily with huge prize pools. Not all racebooks allow you to bet into parimutuel pools, as some only offer fixed odds horse betting.
  • Handicapping Tools: The majority of online racebooks provide handicappers with access to free tools including past performance reports, timeform ratings and much more. At the track you have access to the information at that track only, but with online racebooks you have access to tools that will help you handicap every horse race.
  • Convenience: Nowhere else other than online racebooks can you bet on horse races around the world. At tracks you can only bet on other races in the same country, but with online racebooks you can bet on international races. You can also bet from anywhere including on your mobile device from anywhere that has an internet connection.
  • Live Horse Races & Commentary: Nowadays most online horse betting sites have live streaming of most races that you can watch once you register an account. Often smaller horse tracks may not have live streaming and in that case you’ll usually be able to listen in to live commentary of the race. If you miss the race most racebooks also have replays.
  • Bonuses & Promotions: Some horse tracks will offer betting promos the odd time, but generally that isn’t the case. If you bet with online racebooks you receive sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses and daily rebates. You can generally earn a 3% rebate on straight wagers and a 5%-10% rebate on exotic wagers with online racebooks, which helps a lot.
  • Loyalty Program & Contests: Horse betting sites run lots of handicapping contests and many of them have huge prize pools up for grabs. Online racebooks also run loyalty programs and you’ll be able to earn various rewards from these programs including free bets, premium handicapping tools/services and more.

Most Important Factors When Joining an Online Racebook Site

The list of online racebook features above is what you can expect to have access to at the best horse betting sites, but keep in mind that you still need to wager with a reputable racebook. Opening a racebook today is easy, but most racebooks don’t have many features and generally they have payout restrictions that you want to avoid with horse betting.

One problem many handicappers face is payout limits on exotic wagers. Each racebook has different terms and many will limit the amount you can win on exotic wagers through their bookie. This means that you could win a 1000/1 wager, but if the cut-off is 300/1 you’ll only be paid out according to the rules and that means you lose $700 for every $1 you bet in this particular case.

Ideally you should wager with racebooks that are licensed and regulated, as this will save you from most problems. In the USA and most other countries horse racing is legal and therefore numerous racebooks are licensed in each jurisdiction. The online racebooks that are licensed have the best wagering opportunities and access to parimutuel track pools.

You should always research the company that you’re about to wager with as well to make sure that the company hasn’t had any problems in the past with payouts or voiding bets that shouldn’t have been. We’re now going to review the two best US horse betting sites that are 100% legal to join and offer the best of both worlds (Safety/Security & Features).

Best Online Horse Betting Sites in the USA

  • #1 Twin Spires RacebookA review on TwinSpires

Twin Spires is the #1 horse betting site on the site and I’ll explain why. Twin Spires is owned by Churchill Downs and bettors will have access to every major horse racing track in the USA and abroad. The daily race schedule at Twin Spires features tracks from the UK, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and Australia. You can bet on horse races almost 24/7 if you really wanted to try.

The features list at the Twin Spires Racebook is amazing. Handicappers can access dozens of tools including form guides, past performance reports from Brisnet, access to tons of statistics, picks from pro handicappers and many more tools. Bettors will also be able to watch live horse racing at Twin Spires and if you miss the race you can watch it in the replays archive.

Twin Spires has an expansive range of bets as well including win/place/show, exacta, trifecta, superfecta, daily double, pick 3, pick 4, pick 6 and several other exotic bets depending upon the track you’re wagering with. One of the most unique tools that bettors gain access to upon joining Twin Spires is the “ProfitLine” tool, which analyzes the horses in a race to determine odds.

Another feature at Twin Spires is the huge range of promotions available to handicappers. As soon as you join you have 30 days to wager $500 and if you do you’ll receive a free $100 welcome bonus from Twin Spires. There are also handicapping contests with prize pools worth up to $20K+ and there is a great TSC Elite Players Rewards program where you’ll earn loyalty rewards.

Some of the other benefits for wagering at TwinSpires goes unnoticed with many other professional horse betting review websites. We however understand the importance on easy to navigate and full functionality. While being a member at TwinSpires you will get to understand more on what I’m trying to explain here. For example, Once you have an idea on what you want to bet on you can easily manage your betting account into the area in which you want to play. You won’t have to worry about missing particular races because of the confusion and time wasted which happens on occasion at other related horse betting websites!

  • #2 TVG Racebook

A review on TVGTVG is just as good as Twin Spires and in some aspects the TVG Racebook is even better than Twin Spires. TVG is huge in the US due to the fact they operate the most popular horse racing TV network in the country. Handicappers will have access to bet on 150+ horse tracks around the world at TVG and the sign-up process is as easy as opening an account plus funding it.

The sign-up bonus available to horse handicappers at TVG is tiered like Twin Spires, but even bigger. Once you make your first deposit at TVG you need to wager $250 per month to receive a $50 bonus. You can continue earning a $50 bonus for the 1st four months after signing up a new account with the racebook, which means the total bonus you can earn is $200.

If you don’t have the TVG racing channel you can watch the live races daily online at the TVG website once you open an account with the racebook. Live horse race streaming isn’t the only feature at TVG. Horse bettors can also access a whole host of useful handicapping tools and picks from experts, which will make analyzing the race markets much simpler.

Everyone that joins TVG will also gain access to the TVG Wager Rewards Program. Each time you place a bet you receive points and once you earn enough points you can exchange them for TVG credits or gift certificates to SkyMall. The racing forum and blogs section can also offer handicappers will a great resource for information at the TVG Racebook.

Twin Spires and TVG are both licensed and regulated in the United States making them the perfect online racebooks for bettors in the USA. In the future we’ll be adding sections to this guide that will help handicappers choose a racebook in other regions like the UK, South Africa and Australia. Only US handicappers are allowed to join the two racebooks reviewed above.

Now that you know everything you need to know about horse betting sites you should be ready to start betting. There are tons of horse races every single day and as long as you employ bankroll management and participate in bonuses/rebates you should be able to stay in the black. Make sure you set a daily bankroll limit and never exceed it because there are always more races.

When it comes to betting your hard earned money on horse racing you should stick with reputable companies. You don’t want to hit a huge Pick 6 and find out that the bookmaker you bet with isn’t licensed and won’t pay you. Twin Spires and TVG both have extremely fast payouts and there are plenty of banking methods that you can use to fund your account.

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