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Horse Betting is a fun and entertaining hobby and can be a wonderful investment so no matter what the reason is for you visiting us today we appreciate it and as veteran horse betting enthusiast believe we have the answer and facts you might be looking for. If you heard from us directly from a friend or neighbor or perhaps landed on this page from one of the search engines in a nutshell we provide the finest horse betting sites reviews and the finest free track picks and horse betting suggestions on the web. So anything below in particular your looking for today? If so continue on by clicking in the direction you want to go in which we have a plethora of information waiting inside.

Betting on horses or reading horse guides is nothing new however with the expansion of the internet this has brought us an opportunity to educate on what we know in regards to horse betting but most importantly the concept of having the ability to receive up to date horse betting tips and information on a regular basis. Although having the internet to use as a tool for horse wagering has improved what we know, the entire idea and concept still had some downfalls to the entire concept. How does one find and access all the accurate horse information and horse wagering tips available with simplicity? Also how do we know if we can trust the information and source that is used on a particular website? As hard as we tried there just was no simple answer to these two complex yet simple questions. So what we decided to do was to hire a computer programer to develop and design all of this information conveniently available on one website.

We have teamed up with numerous professional horse betting handicappers from across the planet which include members from TVG,Twin Spires, and other verified legit horse outsiders. We have also brought in some unique talent from the stables including retired yet active jockey out of Lexington Kentucky which helps provide us only the finest of free horse betting picks. Do we win them all or have a winning day everyday? Of course not but with all the resources and information provided here we are no doubt your best free bet when it comes to winning at the tracks.

Another recent addition to the site is the horse betting site reviews section. In this section we have provided you with honest and verifiable information on where you can bet on horses online. All horse wagering companies listed on our site do NOT pay a fee to be listed as we do not want to lose transparency to our guest on being straight forward and a good resource. Unlike other horse betting sites who take on below par horse betting companies for a check have shown overtime to not have the interest for there readers but only there wallet. You don’t have to worry about this here because if the company falls below are must have A+ rating they will be removed from the site.

Along with providing picks, reviews, and other valuable information we also dab into particular famous yearly horse racing events. Some of these include the Kentucky Derby, Belmont States, and the grand race championship. Within their particular section you will be able to educate yourself on the history of the track and the current odds for the races if it’s within a reasonable amount of time and we are aware on who will be racing or not. Keep in mind odds change on a regular basis especially during the day of the races so we calculate the odds by using companies like TwinSpires, TVG, and other horse guides to determine the closing true odds.

Please keep in mind we bet on horses as well and when we lose and have a bad week we might be upset with our self but we don’t try and blame others. The services on this site are provided for entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your activity and in no way are we responsible for your wagering activity. By accessing and using are information located on our site you agree to this. If you need assistance to quit gambling you can check out that page in which will be able to direct you on getting the help you need.

If you would like to help us and our guest with information we provide on the site feel free to contact us along with your history and information you feel would be adequate on the website. Unfortunately we will not add every idea or piece of information we receive but will highly consider any trends or data you pass along. We are currently looking for excel database information along with programming material with data that’s molded on future win predictions. Thank you for reading our main page introduction and welcome!

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